Being Born


To feel a frigid air hit my lungs

To lose my mother’s care all at once

To cry’s the only way to open my lungs

No one asked me if I was ready for the plunge

The light is a little too bright for my eyes

And I shut my lid so tight

Is sight really on the other side?

I’m being born

Cutting the cord.

The world is so cold;

The womb was so warm

I’m being born

Torn from the shore

The tide is so much higher

than before

I’m being born

Poured into the sea

I’m in the belly of a whale

I’m waking from a dream

The dam it breaks so fast

Before I am off of my knees


Just look at me one minute

As though you really saw me

For just a moment we’re all together

For just a moment we’re all happy.

I see you in the sundress

I hear you in the trees

You’re in the air that I breathe, I take you when I leave

I cry you when I weep; I dream you when I sleep