Incessant Something


There’s so much time

For the quiet

There’s so much time

To let the moment die

There’s so much time

To recognize

I’ve lost so much time

That I tried to petrify

There’s so much time

To be still

But I spend my moment spoken

To keep from feeling unfulfilled

There’s so much time

To let you see

The bruisable parts of me

How unindifferent I really feel


The moment of my peace

Is never complete

But hummingly resigned

Non distinct in a chorus with other minds

The question never quits

The answer never ends

A star dies overnight

To recollect in a million lifetimes


There’s so much time for the quiet

But I find a sea inside my peace of mind

I hear the humming

Of that incessant something

Do we ever realize life while we live it?

Every minute to be alive;

To spend and waste time