Naked On a Pinnacle


I really didn’t mean

For it to fall apart

I tried not to tell the truth

But I couldn’t play the part

I really didn’t mean

For it to end like it did

I was full of good intentions

But I was losing my shit


Still I wait to wait to let you in

I’m naked on a pinnacle in the wind

I tremble, I hide

For my catcher in the rye

I'm sick of running toward that cliff

I'm tired of trying not to cry

I'm scared; I try

To find my reasons why

I feel compelled to look away

When I get a tear in my eye


When will I be old?

When will I be sober?

Have much disappointment do I need

Before I trust what I think I see?

Have I been heartbroken enough

To know when love is really love?

Have I doubted myself enough

To call my own bluff?


Still I wait to try my hand

I’m still a critic in the stands

I feel I'm ready, but I don't know

If I'm bulletproof enough for the blow

I'm tired of the taste

Of cynic's spit in my mouth

There's never enough dopamine in a day

To know exactly how I'll make it out

I tell myself that I'll leave today

Tomorrow I'll figure out how